Fate/Role Play Yu-Gi-Oh! Edition

A Fate (Nasuverse) role play with a Yu-Gi-Oh! element attached to it. Duels are typically conducted with partners (Master and Servant) against another duo.
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 Rejoice, children!

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PostSubject: Rejoice, children!   Sun Jan 03, 2016 9:23 am

I, Fuzen Kotomine am the overseer for the 18th Holy Grail War. This is a battle royale between a partnership of Magi and Heroic Spirits summoned by the will of the Grail. According to my ancestors, that is, the previous overseers, the Grail War's purpose is a means to resolve the conflict between the three great Magi families: The Einzberns, Tohsakas, and Matous. This Grail War has been agreed upon by the three families since its first conception. Magi, labeled as ''Masters'' and the familiars of the Grail, ''Servants'' form a pact and work to eliminate their opposition. Brute strength, careful planning, and perhaps even self-reliance will not guarantee one victory. One must use any and all possibilities at their disposal. May the odds be ever in your favor.
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Rejoice, children!
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