Fate/Role Play Yu-Gi-Oh! Edition

A Fate (Nasuverse) role play with a Yu-Gi-Oh! element attached to it. Duels are typically conducted with partners (Master and Servant) against another duo.
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 I ask you, are you my Master?

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PostSubject: I ask you, are you my Master?   Sun Jan 03, 2016 1:00 pm


Follow this mock template loosely. It should be straightforward as to what I'm asking. Servant Classes are up for argument. You can argue due to their weapon of choice, ability, affiliation, and anything along those lines. Some good examples: John Wilkes Booth as an Assassin, George Washington as a Rider, and Plato the philosopher as a Caster. (Heroic Spirits don't HAVE to be based on real life influential people: mythological characters work as well (though you can register with the examples I stated above). Appearances are open to manipulation, including gender (this would not be Fate without it). Personality is the biggest subject to change. Your Heroic Spirit is now revived into a new era with new desires, and memories of their past, so of course they can change (or stay the same).

The most difficult part about the Servant application is the history. I'm expecting you to use ''Heroic Spirits'' that have not existed in official Type-Moon works consisting of (but not limited to): video games, Anime, and Manga. You don't have to know your character's history inside and out, you have leeway in forging history or keep it 100% to a tee. Example: Having George Washington despise humanity because of their influence on the deforestation of cherry trees. This is still your character, at most, only their name is under an existing one. Just make sure to keep any key events, that's all.

The decklist ties into Noble Phantasms. Noble Phantasms are key attacks that the Heroic Spirit is known for. These will be your ''Ace Cards'' and will not be included in the deck count. So your deck will be 43 cards unless your Noble Phantasms are in the Extra Deck. You can have at least one, but the maximum is three.

There can only be one Heroic Spirit of Ideals (as I like to call it), this being a Heroic Spirit that exists simply in the minds and hearts of the people, not as if he actually existed. (This does not have to be mythological characters, Uncle Sam is a good example for this).
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I ask you, are you my Master?
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